Osteoporosis Testimony from Patience all over the world

Nina Zia

Osteoporosis is common in my family, so I knew the need to keep a watch on it, that was when I began to walk several times a week, 2 miles a day and realized that was a positive thing, but it got to a point my back muscles started getting weaker, I needed some help. I started up training, the trainer came to my hometown 7 times a week and he told me that would be able to help me. I agreed with him and was happy I finally found solution not until I had fracture in my wrist. Tried out so many medicines and diet but none of them was able to help me. In the process of doing so I knew about N2NATO, an herbal medicine for osteoporosis, didn’t want to be disabled at my age because I wasn’t that old, and was so hungry for more healthy days on earth. I curiously contacted the company Nato Nature Heals for this herbal medicine. Took it for a period of 2 weeks with a constant chat with one of the herbalist about my condition; they made me understand how the medicine works, that after about 28 days of taking it all my bones will have strength again and the remaining two months will be the period when N2NATO will work on my fractured bones. I sipped the liquid as if it was one special wine every morning and evening as instructed and today I can happily tell you I’m stronger than a 25 years old girl and my wrist is perfectly okay. Thanks Dr. Nee.

Michael Dean

I am a 60 year old male. I have been stressed at work for at least 27years. I have been under the care of at least two PCPs. I experienced all of the symptoms related to stress. Neither one of these doctors mentioned the relationship between stress and osteoporosis. A year ago, i received a life screen test and they diagnosed me with a potential for osteoporosis. Even then, my current PCP dismissed the results saying the heel test is not accurate. After a month, he relented and ordered me to have a scan done to check for osteoporosis. Surprise, I got on meds to attempt to reverse the bone loss caused by my 25 years of stress. I blamed myself for not doing my own research but most web sites did not mention the relationship between stress and osteoporosis.  So I started putting stress and osteoporosis in the search text, I see there is clearly a relationship. How do I get this reversed, curiosity and daily research on google brought me to a website owned by a herbal medicine company in India, contacted them for more details on how their herbal medicine works and if there are any possible side effects. They assured me there was no side effects and took their time to know exactly what was wrong with me; thereafter they gave me a brief mechanism of their osteoporosis herbal medicine, and what some patients who got cured in the past said about it. I bought the herbal medicine N2Nato and started taking it, my osteoporosis was reversed and I am so healthy and strong again, no more pains. Now I believe in herbs so much because it has worked for me.

Bridget Sylvester

In the year 2013 I got a call from my Dr. Saying that my osteoporosis has gotten much worse! I took Fosomax for about 15 yrs. then he took me off of it for 2 years. Came back to it again for about 6 months. I missed 2 doses. That can’t be the reason it got so much worse, I became so upset, I am 61 years old, and my mother and grandmother had it. My grandmother didn’t get any fractures until very late in life, and my mother never had any. I had a bad feeling that mine was worse than theirs! Kept struggling with this and seeking solution and help everywhere I go, N2NATO herbal medicine for osteoporosis was introduced to me by someone in my neighbourhood. I tried it out with hopes like I had for fosomax, oh my friends I’m telling you with a very energetic smile on my face that there is no drugs, diet or whatever out there that can be compared to N2NATO produced by this herbal medicine company in India. I’m so fine right now and I believe it will be permanent. Thanks. 

Anastasha Joe

I too was prescribed Actonel as, after a fractured 7th rib and bone density test, osteoporosis found in L1 and L2. I had a delicate stomach at the best of times. Turning vegan helped that to some extent. I also had weak remaining teeth. So, I was too scared to start the Actonel. I took 1000mg B-Cal-D. My mother had a hip fracture at the age of 73. She had an embolism during the hip replacement operation and died. Osteoporosis got to me at the age of 41, discovered after fracturing my 7th rib. Although the Dr prescribed Actonel I was too scared of those side effects. I took estrogen for about 15 years, but stopped when I was 57 as it ceased to work for me. I won’t take any of the drugs for osteoporosis after reading about the side effects that was the new policy I started working with; so knowing about N2NATO was like a dream come through for me because I longed for a natural cure without side effects. The herbalist that attended to me on chat through email explained to me how they hadn’t recorded any side effects and why it is so and also why it can never exist. I went for N2NATO, drank it all and succeeded in reversing osteoporosis. Health is wealth they say, now I can confidently tell you I am so wealthy, because I am healthy.

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