infertility Testimony from Patients all over the world

Rahul Amit

Hi all! I’m a 29 year old male. I and my wife tried for many years to have a child but our efforts were fruitless. We saw various fertility doctors and tried tcm. Apparently the doctor said I had a low sperm count and probably low libido. We went for IVF next, but that did not work, I was frustrated as we were spending a lot of money and still not seeing improvements!  We also combined IVF with PGS NGS to increase our chances. Every hospital, every procedures and treatment recommended could not solve our problem. Saw an ad on Facebook that was talking about natural ways to fight low sperm count, I clicked for more info then found out about Nato Nature Heals. Made payment for their franacon herbal medicine for low sperm count, they prepared it and sent it down to me.  It was even during the two months period I was taking the herbal medicine that my wife conceived and as I’m writing this testimony my baby boy is lying down beside me. I think every herbs has its use in human body and I thank Dr. Nee Wali Qadir for finding out the particular one to solve my problem.

Amanda Oliver

 Had one miscarriage when I was young. At that time I just met my husband and we were dating for a couple of months. Anyway, we were happy to become parents because we were in love. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. After the wedding we started ttc immediately. We were ready to become parents, that’s why we were trying really hard. After two years ttc we started visiting reproduction clinics and medical centres. We wanted to find out what was the reason of our infertility. Doctors kept saying that we were fine and we just had to keep trying. We tried a lot of treatments and even IVF. Nothing helped but we kept trying every single day. I have no words to explain how frustrated I was. I was so tired and disappointed. I didn’t want to make tests because I knew the result. They all were negative. That’s how we spent 10 years of our marriage. We were even ready to adopt. But my mother recommended an herbal medicine by an Indian company known as Franacon. I really appreciate her for such a great help. We found the contact, sent them a message which they replied within 24hrs. They told us the price it was within the range we could afford. I couldn’t believe my happiness when I got pregnant and there was no issues of miscarriage after taking Franacon herbal medicine for infertility. You know, it was like a miracle. Now I know it is not all problems that conventional drugs can solve, most issues can actually be tackled with herbs. Now I have two amazing men in my family. I still don’t believe it happened. That’s why I wish you the same. If you are having the same problem out there, please be strong. You have enough powers to get your lovely baby if you can talk to one of the herbalist at Nato Nature Heals.

Chloe Arnold

I went through quite a bit in my TTC journey. Tried for 2yrs+ and I went through 3 cycles of IVF but all 3 failed Before the start of my ivf cycle, Dr Robert put me of 2 cycles of Letrozole…. but it didn’t work (I had major hair loss then and it totally freaked me out!) So after my 3rd failed IVF cycle… I decided to see a private gynae and he suspected I’ve endometriosis. I also have low ovarian reserves. But everything else seems OK. Did the tube test and no blockage… hubby’s sperm is OK… private gynae put me on 2 cycles of chlomid + jab but still I was not pregnant… so we were not sure why we couldn’t conceive even with IVF( I tried TCM during my 2nd and 3rd IVF cycles… and after 3 IVF cycles I was very sure I didn’t want to go through it again. The emotional roller coaster was too much for me. So I was very hopeful that, with God’s grace, we will be able to conceive naturally.  Turned 38, so my stress level became so high. 

As for the endometriosis… I was not sure of getting a 2nd opinion. Coz I had this nagging feeling that my gynae just wanted me to go for the laparoscopy just for the money. He quoted me 17k for the whole procedure. My hubby also did not have a good feeling with this gynae. The next option that was on my mind was herb because I heard so many stories of how people got pregnant and got a child of their own after taking a particular herbal content. So I tried out franacon an herbal medicine from Indian which I was told could solve my problem. The first month of taking it everything remained the same and I was almost getting worried again but something kept telling me positive result was not far from me, so I tried with the encouragement and support of my husband to finish the whole content. Exactly a month and 11 days I took this franacon herbal medicine for infertility I became pregnant and just last week I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. If you are reading please help me thank Dr. Nee Wali Qadir for the support and solution he brought to my life.

Janet Leo

I’m Janet, I was having a very severe menstrual problem which landed me in the hospital for operation. A doctor told me it is only God who can help me to conceive, because the drugs they gave me in the past destroyed my ovaries. That day was the day 1 of my life in tears. When I was introduced to franacon herbal medicine I didn’t hesitate to get it, though I was not having a high expectation with it because what the doctor told me kept echoing in my head every day. Drank franacon as instructed by the herbalist, at a point people started asking me to tell them the kind of food I was eating that kept my body shining. Didn’t realize I was pregnant until I went for a test. Franacon surprised me by working miraculously. I can’t stop thanking Nato Nature Heals for making me feel like a woman in the society I live.

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