epilepsy/seizure Testimony from Patients all over the world

Angela Juan

Hey! My name is angela I’m 24 years old and have been epileptic since I was 10. It comes up most times in the middle of a lecture period in my classroom, my teachers thought it was only a sugar drop, when my mother noticed the problem we started the medical treatment in st Michael’s hospital, later turned to some other hospitals and everyone told us the same thing, drug-resistant epilepsy. I started taking so many drugs, none of which was able to give me satisfactory results. When I was in high school, my life was not simple. During class assignments, I often felt bad. I do inform my teacher and he will say: “don’t worry write what you can” and then get as simple as 5 or 4. The experience was too bad, my social life was crashing. In fact when they had to go on a trip for several days, I don’t go with them because teachers didn’t want to take the responsibility of bringing an epileptic girl with them. This rejection was reflected in my classmates, my life was not easy with them. After my high school I enrolled in the faculty of economics, the first year, my mum always accompanied me by getting me to school by car, some days I decide to go alone by public transport ignoring the fact that I could get an epileptic seizure attack. If I’m sitting, nothing special happens, I started doing movements or saying nonsense things, the bigger problem occurs when I’m standing. I did not attend college anymore and it was a great suffering. I had to give up the friendship I was creating and even when I go to college I always cry to see all these groups together and have fun. Talk about university or something else, but something made me believe someday I’ll get a solution to my problem. On this very good day I went shopping with my sister and had an attack in front of everyone, by the time I got up my sister was discussing with a man and that was how Dr. Nee’s birudiene herbal medicine was introduced to us. Told mum about it and she accepted the idea and placed an order for the herbal medicine. It was prepared within 5 days and took not more than two weeks to get down to us. I started taking the herbal medicine with the instructions that was found in the package and it was really nice, now I’m 24 and it’s been four years and I have not had signs and symptoms of epilepsy, wanted to drop this testimony a year after I took this medication but my mum insisted I should wait for some more years, so I kept contact with Dr. Nee. It’s four years now and I believe epileptic seizure is not going to come back to my life again.

Brian Ricardo

Hi my name is brian and i will like to share my story on how I became the happiest man on earth from the very day seizure was eradicated from my life. It started when I was 35, I use to have headache, become dizzy and vomit and do faint most times, so I met a doctor. Doctor resumed treatment for me and the reports were normal; he told me I had issues with my brain, the first treatment lasted for six months but there was no relief, medicines he gave to me was of no use after 15-20 days, the same attack continued as usual; in a day I was taking around 4-5 pills. As long as I was on the pill I use to feel a little better but the same problem never ceased to exist. During this period a message came into my phone, I rushed up and checked thinking it was an email from my work place, it happened to be an email from Dr. Nee Wali Qadir, checked through and realized I accessed a particular website in search for solutions to epilepsy/seizure. I was actually reluctant to reply to the email so I just ignored because I was not totally convinced herbs could solve my problem. Kept looking for solutions elsewhere, conventional medication is what I believed in. My days in this world was really a bad one, if I had an easy way to die without pain it would have been a better option, every time I thought about my loved ones that will cry bitterly when I die it made me have a second thought. Few days after that email came, my brother was making use of my pc and came across the same email. He persuaded me to give it a try because he was worried about my situation too. So I replied the email and the communication emanated. Dr. Nee Wali Qadir and the whole Nato Nature Heals have a very kind heart. Getting the complete money to purchase birudiene, which is the herbal medicine for seizure was a problem for me, I pleaded they send me the drug while I pay part of the purchase fee but they made me understand they don’t run the herbal business team that way. So I asked if I could pay in instalment while they keep the drug until I finish the payment; initially they disagreed but re-considered my offer later that same month. I made the first payment, followed by the second; before I could complete the payment they sent the medicine down to me. So I started taking it as instructed; birudiene herbal medicine put me to sleep every time I took it; I told Dr. Nee and he explained the concept of the medicine to me, that the period the herbal mixture use to put me to sleep was for it to work on the damaged part of my brain. I felt so relaxed during the day and sleep very well at night. Before I could finish the medicine in the gallon I was having no signs of epilepsy anymore, was so excited that I became lazy to finish the little quantity that remained. Someone should please help me thank the herbal medical team Nato Nature Heals.


James Martin

I suffered from epileptic seizure for 38 years and the doctor said I’ll always have to take the medicines that was recommended for me right after I was diagnosed. My best friend was always there to support me, it looked as if my family and some other friends got tired of having me around all because of my problem. So many of my friends and family members were so embarrassed whenever the attack came in a public place. My situation grew worst as I grew older. Took so many drugs for epilepsy. Sometimes I take more than the regular dose all because I wanted a permanent cure to epilepsy, These medications seemed to be working but the seizure won’t go once and for all. I moved from one neurologist to another looking for someone who can provide a better medication that could bring about a total cure to my seizure without all the side effects that started developing as a result of constant intake of these drugs. Came across birudiene online, a herbal medicine by an indian herbal medical company. I was so quick to contact them and make payment for it because my grandfather of blessed memories use to lay emphasis on the power of herbs. The herbal medicine arrived and I started taking it. Few days into it, seizure that used to occur almost on a daily bases came just once in a week, and that was the last one I had. Finished the herbal content and seizure became history in my life.  


Miguel Lucas

To live with epilepsy was challenging, it was difficult, you’ll constantly have to think about and consider somethings in your life that other people don’t have to deal with, some moments you feel like giving up, depressed and never happy like other people. I was diagnosed with epilepsy as an infant, my parents observed all behaviours; seizures came in as early as six months old. My type of epilepsy was basically absence seizure, I lose consciousness for a short period of time and then I’ll wake up. I went through so many treatments to control my epilepsy, primarily medications to control it over the years. I had to switch around back and forth the medications, some of them didn’t work at all and I also had multiple surgeries for epilepsy. The process for identifying were the seizures were coming from involved me staying overnight for about a week in the hospital, they recorded multiple seizures but the prescribed drugs failed to give me the solution I wanted. Out of frustration I kept researching for solutions on the internet that was when I came in contact with the team Nato Nature Heals. All those years I kept putting a lot of money in medications that never worked 100%, I didn’t know there was a one-time cure somewhere. I was given series of questions to answer concerning my health problems and at the end of the day Dr. Nee told me that based on the information I provided, they have concluded on the quantity of the herbal mixture I would need to clear seizure. Birudiene worked rapidly for me, I actually loved the taste… it gives you this nice feeling, especially when you wake up from that good sleep it puts you to. Never thought something like that was in this world. It works like magic and I was healed.

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