diabetes Testimony from Patients all over the world

Betty Raymond

Hi I’m Betty, I suffered from diabetes for some years, moved from one place to another, hospital to another seeking instructions to live a healthier life, my doctor told me my diabetes was a severe one. Received medications that put my body out of work. One day I was chatting with my friend Kimberly, she told me about an Indian doctor who is also a herbalist that claimed to have a herbal cure for diabetes. Due to what my doctor told me, I couldn’t believe something like that existed, not until I took that bold step to contact him. After two weeks into taking this herbal medicine I noticed a whole lot of energy, got a nice breath, and the next week I noticed a loss of about 50 pounds, now I could walk 7miles and have much more energy than I ever had. Should be 58 years by December and have got no worries because I’m totally free from diabetes. Thank you Dr. Nee Wali Qadir.

William Jacob

Four years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes, this got me devastated; after some few days I went for medication and this got me so sick, right there in my stomach. One month later I knew about Dr.Nee and his herbal medicine, assured me it won’t take more than a month for me to get rid of diabetes if I took his medicine. Thought he was just trying to sell his product but got no choice so I enquired more about the medication, almost lost interest when I discovered the price for this product, but tried raising some part of the money and the rest was provided by my supportive wife. I believed doctor Nee because he gave me his words and a money back guarantee. Took the evominor herbal content for some days and my blood sugar level was regulated, now I’m no longer taking diabetes medicines. I recommended Dr. Nee’s evominor herbal medicine for diabetes for my cousin who also had diabetes a month ago and his diabetes is dropping, blood sugar went down to 170 In a very short period of time and it’s still dropping, so if you are out there and struggling with diabetes I strongly recommend evominor herbal medicine by the Nato Nature heals.  It worked for me, you can be cured too.

Jack Ethan

Hello everyone, my name is Jack Ethan and I was type 1 diabetic. Exactly five days after my birthday as a 23 year old boy I was diagnosed. Had problem with my sight so I went to an optometrist, he was worried it could be something more serious, that was when the idea of checking out if I was diabetic came from him, this got me confused because nobody in my family had diabetes. So after my meal on a sunny day I checked and my blood sugar was 580, my heart skipped because I knew it was not a good result. Taking insulin wasn’t what I had love for so I decided to search for an alternative, that wa when Dr. Nee Wali Qadir from the group Nato Nature Heals came into the picture. I respect this man a lot because of his supportive attitude, he made me understand that being type 1 diabetic was not a big deal if I could get their evominor herbal medicine. I ordered it when I realized he was ready to help, and the concept herbal medicine without side effects got me having so much believe. Just after one week of taking evominor herbal medicine my blood sugar level dropped drastically, I’m 30years now and totally free from diabetes.

Habib Arjun

My name is habib, I am from india. Seven years ago I was diagnosed of being diabetic, it was really traumatizing, my blood sugar was over 510, my doctor wanted to put me on insulin, I declined and went ahead to carry out research on the medication, was scared about what taking these medications could do to my body. This was a very lonely and depressing moment for me; so many thoughts emerged my mind, like would I still be here in some few years for my kids, my lovely wife, my job and so on. It just got started, I started going to the bathroom like 5,6 times per night. Help is all I wanted, read many articles online, looking out to see who had some issue like I did, just to make sure I wasn’t alone. Discovered Dr. Nee Wali Qadir from an email sent to me after  I visited his website, we kept exchanging email for some time, so I visited him since I stay in the same city as the team do. I bought the herbal medicine evominor, it saved my life, immediately I started taking it, I experienced a lot of positive changes in my body system. I was happy with quick effect this herbal content brought to my life and up to this moment I do not have any symptoms of diabetes anymore. I’m no lognger depressed; no more mood swings, and most of all no regular visitation to the batroom. Thank you Dr. Nee Wali Qadir, thank you team nato nature heals.

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