cancer Testimony from Patients all over the world

Maria Carlos

May name is Maria Carlos, I’m a single mother from Venezuela. I was 25 years old when this lumps began to develop in my breast, went through series of test, the doctor told me I had breast cancer, the first thing that came to my mind was: “Maria, you going to die”. At first I thought to be just radiation, but he said we were going to do a very aggressive from of treatment because my cancer was aggressive; 8 chemotherapies. My family and friends never left my side, went along strong with the support of my family. I always asked my doctor how long I was going to live but he always give me this smile of hope and replies “I can’t tell you that”. I do insist every time and he’ll say if you make it to 27 you are very blesses but don’t think about that for now. Death was the only thing that kept ringing in my head every day. Those treatments couldn’t clear my cancer. I was open to so many ideas, and I came across KIMOLIN produced by the herbal medical team Nato Nature Heals, took this herbal content for a while and every time I take it I feel some kind of movement within my breast, as if waster is dropping on the inner part of my, I was so excited because I knew it was working. After 3 months from the day I started this herbal medicine all the symptoms of breast cancer where nowhere to be found. Till today the Nato Nature Heals are still following me up to know my health condition. It’s three four years now and I’m still strong and healthy.

Jeremy Hugo

In the year 2012 I was told I had lung cancer. How possible would this be? That was the question that came from me, though the previous month I experienced constant chest pain that finally led me to an emergency room, I received a CT scan that showed a mass in the middle lobe of my right lung. On the next month September 2012 a series of non-surgical procedures was carried and it was determined to be lung cancer. The following month I was taken to the hospital and two-thirds of my right lung was removed. Before my surgery I had 26 of the longest days of my life knowing that I was living with cancer. After surgery those who had surrounded me returned to their daily routines. But I was left wondering “how could this happen to me” I thought to myself over and over, “what if I never found out? Would I still have lung cancer right now?” My lung cancer seemed to come and go so quickly form my life, and when it was gone I didn’t know what to do with myself, it was all joy and happiness until 9 months later, the cancer came back, I was down and out. At that moment I concluded I was not going to make it. Everyone at my work place became aware of what was going on with me, that’s how an Indian colleague told me there’s a particular herbal medicine used in his country in treating cancer but I’ll have to confirm if that of lung cancer is available because the company that produces the herbal medicine does not have it for all type of cancer. I contacted them and answered the questions they asked me about my cancer, I was so concern about the medicine that can get me free from cancer forever, but the herbalist Dr. Nee told me the set of people they sold the herbal mixture to 10 years before then never came back with the same problem but they were still being followed to know their health condition. I got KIMOLIN, took it for a beriod of 3 months, one of the instructions said I should always heat it once in three days for it not to get spoilt but as soon as I started seeing positive changes, out of excitement I heated this herbal mixture almost every day lol! This is 2017 and I haven’t had any sign of lung cancer. Thank you Nato Nature Heals, I appreciate.

Cheryl David

I’m 43 year old, I suffered from stomach cancer, and I had no idea what I had. I went to a doctor and he told me I had gastritis, ulcer, then ordered me to make endoscopy and biopsy and it was found that I had stomach cancer. They sent me to the hospital and the operation was very expensive an ultrasound 95 soles. Also I needed blood for the operation, but it was expensive. I went back crying with my kid because I felt very bad. Then my son told me that he watched on the television about Dr. Nee an herbalist. My son wrote the contact email for me and I contacted him, told him everything that happened in tears, he assured me I was at the right spot, I should consider my stomach cancer a history. I started the treatment with him by taking the KIMOLIN herbal medicine sent to me. Now I don’t have stomach cancer anymore; too x-ray again to confirm and it was negative: KIMOLIN herbal medicine for cancer (in my case stomach cancer) worked for me, it could work for you too.

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